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Ivy Lane- AirBNB


Previously a student residence, & more recently leased out as a rental home - this little 70s renovated terrace, located in a hidden, leafy laneway of Darlington needed a refurbishment - to transform it into an AirBNB guest house.

Our client/s brief required us to create clean, contemporary interiors inspired by some of the original 70s features of the house.

The result is a vibrant mix of retro, vintage and modern pieces, set off against crisp white walls, black and white bathrooms, contemporary fittings, and a cool collection of our client/s own artwork.

Services Rendered:

CAD drawings, kitchen refurbishment specifications, bathroom refurbishment specifications, furniture, fittings and decorative selections. Interior & exterior colour and interior artwork placement.


Darlington, NSW

Date: 2023

Photography: by

Wonderlight Photography

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